Llewellyn's Construction in Magnolia, TX
Arena, Barn and Pad Construction

Llewellyn's Construction in Magnolia, TX

Arena, Barn and Pad Construction in Magnolia TX

The construction process for Farm and Ranch building/structures is similar to those used in residential. Unless your property is incorporated into a HOA neighborhood and/or falls within a city’s jurisdiction, there are very few restrictions that need to be adhered to in the construction process. This is why extra consideration must be given to the blueprints (usually drawn up by the manufacturer in lieu of an architect), soil reports and any other factors deemed relevant.

An arena and barn foundation pad should be designed and installed with the same care and precision as a house pad starting with the scraping away of the top soils or “spoils” to a depth designated by the soil reports. Once the entire surface of the structure has been scraped to the appropriate depth, truckloads of select fill are brought in, dumped, spread evenly and then compacted within the perimeters of the pad. Once a lift is 4” to 6” high, a compaction test is done to insure everything is in compliance and that the end result will support the intended structure. This process is repeated until there are enough lifts to bring the pad to the desired height.

Arenas range from small, open structures, with clay and/or sandy bases to large, closed in, air conditioned, showrooms with interchangeable sub-flooring to fit every venue. Llewellyn’s Construction Inc., is well versed on the specifics that are necessary to personalize each arena to their owners’ intentions. Knowing which aggregate base is best suited for each venue, and the spacing, distance and any other specifics involved are a few of the small details that are not overlooked by John and his crew. This attention to detail insures our customers that their investment in the finished product will be well spent and they will have exactly what they envisioned for years to come.


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