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The town of Katy, located about 30 minutes west of downtown Houston, prides itself on preserving its small-town charm while offering many opportunities for development. Llewellyn’s Construction has served the Katy area for many years and has become the company people call on most for professional and responsible land clearing.

Why Katy Chooses Llewellyn’s Construction

The residents and developers in Katy have come to depend on Llewellyn’s Construction for many reasons but most importantly because we put the customer first. We want to guide the customer through the land clearing process so that they are satisfied and informed with the work being done. A customer is ready to build a home on a plot of land overgrown and possibly has drainage issues. Llewellyn’s Construction will not only clear the overgrown areas but will also improve any areas that had drainage issues.

A mixed-use commercial complex is ready for development, but the site needs to be cleared so that it can be properly staked. Llewellyn’s Construction is the top choice for developers needing land clearing for large areas being prepped for commercial development.

Many land clearing projects, whether residential or commercial, are very difficult due to the terrain or sensitive environmental concerns and that is why the people of Katy depend on Llewellyn’s Construction to complete the land clearing responsibly and safely.

Llewellyn’s Construction Land Development Services in Katy

We are proud to be the best land clearing company in Katy but our services don’t stop at land clearing. Llewellyn’s Construction also offers many land development services that can help a project move along past land clearing. Please take a look at our land development services below and if you don’t see a service you are needing, please give us a call and we can answer any questions that you have.

  • Land Clearing in Katy
  • Land Excavation in Katy
  • Hydro-Ax Mulching in Katy
  • Lot Clearing / Site Work in Katy
  • Pond / Lake Construction in Katy
  • Hunting Land Preparation in Katy
  • Land and Pasture Clearing in Katy
  • House Pad Site Construction in Katy
  • Arena / Barn Pad Construction in Katy
  • Demolition and Removal Services in Katy
  • Road / Driveway / Culvert Construction in Katy
  • Hurricane and Natural Disaster Cleanup in Katy
  • Retention / Detention Pond Construction in Katy


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