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Residential Land Clearing

Llewellyn's Construction in Magnolia, TX

Residential Land Clearing in Magnolia, TX


Llewellyn’s Construction has been providing land clearing in the greater Houston area for over 20 years. We can modify the topography of your property to fit your exact specifications and desires. Whether your intentions are to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your land or to meet a practical requirement, we will create the environment that you envisioned.

We achieve this by meeting with each customer at the project site to assess first hand, the true feasibility, practicality and most importantly, the unique attributes that each parcel of land offers its’ owners. This gives us the ability to make cost saving suggestions and professional recommendations, which ultimately produces a finished oasis that saves our customers time and money.

Our Approach to Land Clearing

Methods used to clear a parcel of land is determined by taking into consideration the:

Proposed Budget
Time Allotment
Government and/or Neighborhood Regulations
Conditionn and Size of Property
Desired Outcome

There are times, however, when a property is so densely covered with vegetation that a comprehensive assessment cannot be made. Ironically, this overgrowth of vegetation, including trees, may be the main reason for purchasing your specific parcel in the first place.


The most effective and traditional method for clearing land incorporates the use of heavy machinery which often includes Dozers and Excavators. These pieces of equipment can remove all types of vegetation, extract any size tree including the tree stumps, relocate soils/dirt to improve the property’s appearance and functionality, and perform all other tasks associated in the land clearing process.

When it is important to save as many trees as possible while thinning out the unwanted overgrowth, the use of a Hydro-Axe Mulcher is an alternative to traditional strip clearing. This environmentally conscious procedure will remove unwanted shrubs and trees, up to 6” in diameter, by grinding them into mulch; which is distributed throughout the property, enhancing growth of the remaining vegetation while prohibiting overgrowth. Hydro-axe mulching will open up the property so a proper appraisal of the lands potential assets can be identified and maximized to the fullest.

A root rake can be attached to a dozer during the final grade to remove any top lying roots missed during excavation. Roots can cause havoc if left within a designated construction area since they decompose over time, leaving a void where they once were. Dump trucks, compaction rollers and backhoes are other types of equipment that can also be used to enhance the land clearing process. The scope of work achieved by these machines is done far more quickly and efficiently than other methods of clearing. This ultimately provides added property values to the owners while saving them money.

Clearing Residential Land

Debris Disposal

Disposal of unwanted debris can be handled several different ways. However, before making any decisions, it is important to know your local and state requirements, government regulations, home owner associations guidelines (if applicable) and any other special permitting or stipulations that may affect your property and the accepted method(s) of disposal. It is our duty to keep on top of these issues and together, we will determine the most cost effective means to remove your debris while taking all these factors into consideration.

TRENCH BURNING is the most cost effective but also most regulated method of debris removal. This process requires adherence of specific guidelines which vary depending on location, property size and the governing entities. Generally, a pit is dug away from existing/remaining vegetation and the debris’s placed in the pit where it is ignited. Constant supervision is required for this method, which often mandates the landowner’s participation to maintain compliance during the actual burn.

40 Ft. ROLL-OFF CONTAINERS are a commonly recommended debris removal method for smaller land parcels and HOA governed neighborhoods. These containers are left on the property and debris is loaded using an Excavator. Our experienced operators know how to fill every square inch of a container with debris giving you the most value for your dollar. Once a container is filled to capacity, it is removed from the property. The container is then transported to an approved facility where it is “tipped” and the debris is recycled into mulch and other organic products. This process is repeated until the desired amount of debris has been removed.

OTHER METHODS can include pushing the debris into large piles. An alternative to removing the debris from the property. Over time these piles will decompose and can shrink to one third of their original size. This method can substantially minimize the cost related to debris removal…but can also inhibit, if not stop, any future progress towards property improvement while waiting for the debris pile(s) to shrink into manageable sizes.

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