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Commercial Rentention and Detention Pond Construction

Llewellyn's Construction in Magnolia, TX

Commercial Rentention and Detention Pond Construction in Magnolia TX

Retention and Detention ponds are the most common solution to managing and controlling storm water runoff in developing areas where significant construction has replaced the absorbable ground surface with concrete, asphalt and other impermeable surfaces. In basic terms, the less ground area there is for water absorption, the more prone that area is to flooding. The decision to install either a retention or detention pond is determined on how the water is to be distributed, once it has collected in the pond. If the run-off water is allowed to remain in the pond for evaporation or as part of the landscaping, then a retention pond with proper overflow provisions, is designed. When the collected run-off water needs to be re-directed into the current drainage systems as soon as possible, then a detention pond is installed as just a temporary holding tank. The excess water will remain in the pond until it can flow through the designated areas, into the drainage ditches, canals and bayous without causing an overflow problem.

How We Work to Eliminate Flooding

In an effort to prevent further flooding issues like those seen in Houston, most municipalities in South East Texas, have developed strict guidelines which include the addition of storm drainage systems, incorporated into all commercial projects. A formula that calculates the ratio between the proposed concreted areas (foundation, walkways, parking lots, etc.) and the remaining natural ground coverage, is used when designing each commercial water retention project. Detailed drawings, showing the size, location, water capacity and overflow/drainage system (retention or detention) required to meet these guidelines, are submitted to the city engineers for approval. Along with the city engineer’s stamp of approval, all local, state and federal permits must be in place, prior to beginning any commercial water retention/detention project. Random inspections can occur, at any time during the pond’s construction, to insure that work being done is exactly what was approved on the drawings, for that specific project. Most cities have a beautification program that incorporate these ponds into their jurisdiction. Once the actual pond has been completed, the landscaping requirements for beautification, must be met. These requirements are usually based on the finished pond’s size and location and will include a specific number of trees and shrub that must be planted before the project will be approved.

Houston's Pond Construction Experts

John and his team of experts, know the ins and outs of pond construction. They are the ones that are called to fix the issues, left behind, by less experienced contractors. Even though the designs of most commercial ponds are pretty cut and dry, Llewellyn’s Construction Inc., will give each project that added finesse the city inspector’s love, without adding a penny to the budget. That’s why we are known as the POND EXPERTS in central and southeast Texas.


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