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Going Green Construction

Llewellyn's Construction in Magnolia, TX

Going Green Construction in Magnolia Texas

Going Green Construction in Magnolia

The current state of our environment has awakened a social consciousness and triggered a sense of urgency, which has reached global proportions. The need for change has added a new meaning to the word GREEN making it the “buzz word” of the decade. With the increase in awareness and popularity, come advancements in technology and in the creative innovative process. Already, there are options ranging from household cleaning products to alternative fuel sources used in our homes and automobiles and the demand keeps growing.

Llewellyn’s Construction Inc. has tackled this challenge in a variety of ways. The biggest way we do our part for the environment is by owning and constantly updating a full fleet of equipment and trucks. Every piece of equipment used on one of our projects is equipped with updated technology for dependability and efficiency and will pass all established environmental guidelines.

A Green Lifestyle

We also offer our customers several unique ways to promote their own greener lifestyle. Llewellyn’s Construction Inc. specializes in the design and construction of eco-friendly bogs which can be customized to fit any request as well as ponds designed for the thermal cool systems. The thermal cool system utilizes the depth of the pond to cool the lines that carry the alternative power source to the air conditioning units, cooling a home. We welcome all future challenges that arise with the implementation of new ideology and technological advancements and are confident in our capabilities to push the innovative process to an even higher level.


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