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About 40 miles northwest of downtown Houston lies the town of Pinehurst, TX. This area of Texas offers a suburbia feel amongst the tall pines that opens up opportunities for homeowners and businesses to build on existing or raw undeveloped lots. Llewellyn’s Construction has proudly served the Pinehurst area with quality land clearing services that help get every customers development project started off on the right foot.

Why Pinehurst Chooses Llewellyn’s

Our team of experts can clear any area of land that is ready for development. This is important because time is money and difficult land clearing situations can put a delay on a development project. Our customers in Pinehurst have seen firsthand how Llewellyn’s Construction team can forge through areas that may cause other companies delays because they don’t have the right equipment or experience.

Many of our customers in Pinehurst moved here to be around wooded areas but when they’re ready to build, they understand that some trees must go. Before each clearing project, we will go over the customer’s plan and communicate what will stay and what will go.

Llewellyn’s Construction strives to deliver quality land clearing and that’s what our customers in Pinehurst have come to expect from us.

Llewellyn’s Land and Dirt Work Services in Pinehurst

While our land clearing services are top notch, we can also help your development project move on to the next stage and beyond! Please take a look at our land development services below and if you have any questions or you’re ready to get your project going, give us a call and we will be happy to help!

  • Land Clearing in Pinehurst
  • Land Excavation in Pinehurst
  • Hydro-Ax Mulching in Pinehurst
  • Lot Clearing / Site Work in Pinehurst
  • Pond / Lake Construction in Pinehurst
  • Hunting Land Preparation in Pinehurst
  • Land and Pasture Clearing in Pinehurst
  • House Pad Site Construction in Pinehurst
  • Arena / Barn Pad Construction in Pinehurst
  • Demolition and Removal Services in Pinehurst
  • Road / Driveway / Culvert Construction in Pinehurst
  • Hurricane and Natural Disaster Cleanup in Pinehurst
  • Retention / Detention Pond Construction in Pinehurst


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