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Environmental Services in Magnolia Texas

Environmental Construction Services in Magnolia TX

So many times, society’s efforts to keep up with the ever growing and changing world, which we call progress, has sadly resulted in the pillaging and plundering of our environment and natural resources. Before GREEN referred to a movement and not just a color, Llewellyn’s Construction Inc., understood the importance of saving our environment and all its natural resources. This may seem like a contradiction in philosophies since we are known as the land clearing and excavation authorities for Southeast Texas. However, our determination to “go the extra mile,” in saving our earth, is one of the reasons why Llewellyn’s Construction Inc., stands alone as the leader and innovator in this field. Johns knows that he must take a “hands on” approach in protecting these limited resources today or be out of work tomorrow. This is the driving force that motivates us to evaluate every project, prior to starting, to insure all measures have been taken to maximize the projects potential value while minimizing the impact left on OUR environment. The “out with the old and in with the new” mentality may be what our competitors think is the way of the future, but at Llewellyn’s Construction Inc., we know there are hidden values in preservation. Recycling, along with other creative methods of resource management, afford us the ability to find hidden value in the most unlikely places. It is our mission to literally unearth these treasures and offer a GREEN alternative which ultimately benefits us all. Ironically, our strong commitment and aggressive approach to environmental issues have made our competition GREEN with envy.

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