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Residential Road, Driveway and Culvert Construction

Llewellyn's Construction in Magnolia, TX

Residential Road, Driveway and Culvert Construction in Magnolia TX

The basic function of a road and/or driveway, is to provide easy access to your property. This same basic function is necessary for any construction site. Whether your property is in an established neighborhood or in the country, the planning and installation of a construction entrance or driveway, assists with:

• The procurement and distribution of all materials, equipment, and resources required to effectively maximize productivity on the job site.
• Reducing the amount of mud and other debris tracked out or left on the main streets by trucks exiting the construction site, or equipment and resources directly related to the construction process.
• Keep weather delays to a minimum; allowing equipment, delivery trucks and other vehicles to keep on schedule without the fear of getting stuck or limited mobility.
• Accessibility to any specific area, within the project site, that may require attention.

These entrances generally consist of a clay base with a crushed aggregate spread across the top for stability and traction. Once all construction is completed, these entrances can either be used as a base for your permanent finished driveway or can be removed to accommodate alternative design plans. Whether your construction entrance is temporary or the basic outline of a finished drive, this step is one of the first priorities necessary when starting any project.


Every project has its own unique characteristics, setting it apart from any other. However, there are generalities which usually apply to most construction entrance projects. Below is a list of materials, most commonly used, during the installation of a road and/or driveway.

Base Materials -

The installation of a solid road or driveway is just as important as the integrity of a house pad. Your road base must be able to continuously support heavy traffic in any kind of weather. The following materials are appropriate options used to support and enhance the foundation of both roads and driveways.

  • Stabilized Sand
  • Engineered Select Fill
  • Fly Ash
  • Clay
  • Lime
  • Geo-Textile or Geo-Matt Fabric

Top Layer Materials -

Unlike the base materials that need to be molded and compressed into one solid mass, the final or top layer materials need to consist of solid, individual pieces of angular aggregates which can be spread across the base for added strength, durability and traction. The following materials cover the base and act as a sealant.

  • Crushed Concrete
  • Crushed Granite
  • Crushed Limestone
  • Crushed Asphalt

Note: The materials listed above come from 100% recycled materials and provide a GREEN eco-friendly alternative which helps preserve our natural resources.

Steps in Constructing Roads and Driveways:


Prior to starting construction, walk the project site with the Landowner and address all relevant issues. Make sure everyone is on the same page and that the road/driveway designed will withstand the demands of the construction process as well as meet the Landowner’s expectations.


Mark the perimeters of the construction site, checking the area for insufficient soils or other obstacles that could affect the integrity and longevity of the road/driveway.


Locate and mark all underground utility lines which could be buried within the immediate area under construction.


Scrape the designated road area with a dozer to remove any remaining vegetation and to outline the future road boarders.


Start building up the road site with truckloads of base material, which is dumped into piles, directly onto the road site. These piles are spread out to an even grade then compacted; repeating the process several times until both the width and height of the road reach an acceptable elevation and compaction.


Working from the center of the road, a very gradual downward slope is formed by scraping off the compacted base edges on both sides; creating a crown effect. This is done along the entire length of the road to allow for proper drainage; extending the life of the road and preventing the crushed material from sinking into the clay base.


Piles of crushed materials are dumped along the road’s foundation base and a dozer is used to spread these piles across the entire exposed surface of the road.


After the aggregate is distributed in a thick even layer, a roller is used to compact the crushed material into the foundation base, fusing the layers together, producing a durable, smooth and cohesive road surface.


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