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Llewellyn's Construction in Magnolia, TX

Our Fleet

Llewellyn’s Construction owns a fleet of well-maintained land clearing, debris removal, and excavation equipment. We have only newer equipment, and because of that, it meets the highest environmental standards. We ensure the heavy duty equipment we use is ready to take on the day ahead. By keeping our equipment tuned up through regular maintenance checks, we can ensure you that our machines are safe to use by our employees and on the worksite. With well-maintained bulldozers, dump trucks, excavators, and more, we can get the job done more efficiently and on schedule. From digging and trenching to demolishing, moving, removing, and lifting, our construction machinery is top notch.


Excavators are classified under heavy equipment and are used to:

Dig out trenches
Dig Ponds and Lakes
Remove trees (including root balls) and tree stumps
Construct ditches
Demolish existing structures
Move and remove soil and debris from property
Lifting and installation of heavy pipes, boulders and other heavy pieces specific to the scope of work being preformed.


Sometimes referred to as Bulldozers, are classified under heavy equipment. This piece of equipment has different attachments that can be used to:

Knock down and spread piles of dirt
Push large amounts of gravel, clay and vegetative debris
Sculpt the surface of the property as in a final grade

Hydro Ax Mulcher

Also called a forestry mulcher, is a powerful mulching attachment on a compact, versatile 2015 Bobcat T870. This equipment enables us to take unwanted vegetation, including trees up to six (6) inches in diameter, and transform this debris into mulch in a matter of seconds. The compact size of these and their ability to maneuver around obstacles makes them the perfect solution for removing underbrush without harming the mature trees, damagIng any existing structures or disturbing the topsoil.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are mainly used to transport loose materials like sand, gravel and other aggregates which have been excavated from a construction site. There are as many variations of dump trucks as automobiles but the ones generally used on streets and highways have a short wheelbase allowing it to maneuver more easily in cramped spots and can carry approximately 12 yards of material.

Off Road Dump Trucks

Off-road dump trucks are strictly used for large dirt hauling projects which do not require the dump truck to travel on public roads. These types of dump trucks are excellent for removing the dirt from the excavation of large ponds, lakes and mining sites. The articulated dump truck holds between 21 and 27 yards of material and the swivel connection between the chassis and dump bed allows easy access to all areas of the job site.


A compactor is a machine used to reduce and condense the various aggregates used in house pad and road construction.


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