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The Importance Of Demolition Cleanup Services

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The Importance Of Demolition Cleanup Services

Posted on 9/15/19 by Llewellyn's Construction

The Importance Of Demolition Cleanup Services

There are many reasons, some planned and some not planned, why demolition cleanup services are needed.

Old dilapidated buildings that need to be demolished will require careful planning that will include how the area will be cleaned. Careful planning during the residential demolition stage helps minimalize the total area that will need to be cleaned up after.

Southeast Texas is susceptible to all kinds of natural disasters that require demolition cleanup services.

After a flood event occurs, cleanup of items that were caught up in flood waters and end up somewhere else is a process of recovering from such an event. Large equipment is needed to move many items that were caught up in flood waters.

Tornadoes wreak havoc and with their inherent high winds create an unsafe environment with projectiles being thrown around and strewn about everywhere. Once these events have passed, the cleanup process begins and can be very hazardous. In hard hit areas, people trying to recover want to begin rebuilding their lives and the quicker the area is cleaned up the sooner they can move forward.

One other event that SE Texas is unfortunately familiar with are Hurricanes. This type of weather event can carry a combination of high winds, tornadoes and flooding! Demo cleanup is a very important part of moving forward after such a disaster.

The type of damage that can be caused by all of these natural events call for demolition cleanup services that can bring a disaster area back to the appeal it once had.

Can I Do My Own Demolition And Cleanup?

Whoever completes a demolition is responsible for the cleanup process.

Hiring a professional company who specializes in demolition and cleanup is the only way to go. Hiring the pros saves the customer time and money in the long run. Renting equipment and the costs to run them is not cheap! Most demolition projects require large pieces of construction equipment and you must know how to operate them. The value of hiring a company who’s able to understand the job and offer suggestions that can help the job move quicker is worth the cost. The same company can also give the customer peace of mind that safety is the top priority on the job site.

What Does The Demolition Cleanup Process Consist of?

From demo to cleanup, the process requires a plan that follows guidelines determined by local ordinances and OSHA. The plan sets forth how the materials involved will be dealt with. Recycling materials is a practice adopted by reputable construction companies.

The same equipment used for demolition is used for the cleanup. Bulldozers, excavators and dump trucks are the best options to take this process from beginning to end.

Bulldozers and excavators can tear through structures, overgrowth, and quickly bring them down.

Excavators can help move fallen trees from storms so that crews can then cut them in preparation for dump trucks hauling them away.

Professional construction companies can adapt to any challenge presented through the cleanup process because of the experience of the crew and the access to equipment that can help jobs move along quicker.

When the demolition is planned, part of the cleanup begins before the demo starts. If a structure is being torn down and other structures are possibly in danger, the area is prepared so that collateral damage and additional cleanup is avoided. Tarps or netting can provide protection to anything that is not involved in the demolition.

If the area is projected to kick up a lot of dust, dirt, etc.,,,there are measures taken to minimalize the amount of mess created. Water is sprayed around the site to help trap the particles and keep them from spreading further.

As mentioned before, recycling materials is essential for responsible demolition. Sorting through the materials and determining the proper use for each is what an experienced company can offer.

Once the job comes to a close, unused materials are hauled away and appropriately disposed of.

Who Do you Call For The Best Demolition Cleanup Services?

Local demolition cleanup companies are the best resources for these kinds of jobs. They know the local guidelines; they know how to acquire the proper approvals and permits before the job begins and they have pride in their community and the people they serve. When it comes to hiring the best give Llewellyn’s Construction Company a call. Their decades of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction will help get this job moving quickly giving the customer more time which for many, is as good as money.


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