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The Importance of Pond Maintenance

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The Importance of Pond Maintenance

Posted on 11/15/18 by Llewellyn's Construction

The Importance of Pond Maintenance

Ponds have many benefits for residential and commercial customers. Llewellyn’s Construction understands that there is a responsibility that comes with either managing a property that utilizes a retention pond or a family farm with a stocked pond. Pond Maintenance is the most important measure to ensure that long term use and functionality of a pond is not marred by costly repairs.

Here are a Few Reasons To Take Pond Maintenance Seriously

Retention ponds are used to ensure proper drainage for a surrounding area and if the natural release of the water is blocked by limbs and rocks, the pond could backup and become a real problem. Large community ponds are used for drainage but also recreation due to its attractive environment. Proper natural release depends on channels to be free of debris and also helps control the mosquito population by keeping the water moving. Pond Maintenance is the best way to make sure all drainage areas are clear of debris and allow ponds to function as they are intended to.

If a residential pond stocked with catfish and smallmouth bass becomes inundated with sludge that has settled from falling leaves and other natural debris, the ecosystem in which the fish have thrived could become an issue. Gases that develop due to the rotted debris left to set at the bottom of the pond will affect the fish population as well as emit an odor that may keep the rest of the farm population away as well. Pond Maintenance is the proper measure to help ensure years of fishing memories are enjoyed.

So How Often Do I Need to Maintain a pond?

Every season calls for different types of maintenance.

Springtime calls for removal of dead branches accumulated since wintertime. Bankline integrity should be inspected and repaired where needed. Walkways around pond areas should be inspected, especially around drainage areas that have a drain line underneath the walkway to ensure overgrowth is removed and the drain is clear.

Summertime calls for more constant maintenance of overgrowth and ensuring that tree branches and bushes don’t build up around the banks and possibly becoming habitats for wildlife. Many times, during warmer months wildlife are drawn to water areas for hydration and if the environment is appealing enough, may become the animal’s home. Overgrown bushes and grassy areas are great nesting areas for varmints that tunnel or dig their way to find food around the pond and slowly deteriorate areas around a pond.

Fall calls for the cleaning of leaves in heavier wooded areas or browning vegetation around banks. Wildlife control is still important so make sure overgrowth is cut back.

Winter calls for some type of aeration system to preserve marine life while dormant while saving money by not depending on the pump system for circulation.

These tips will help maintain a pond, but it doesn’t mean you just maintain a pond 4 times a year.

Scheduled pond maintenance is the responsible way to make sure a pond’s functionality is realized for many years. But, the most responsible part of pond maintenance is actually visually inspecting the pond area as often as possible. Take a walk, ride your horse, fire up the bike or for the modern take, fly the drone, around the pond area and inspect as often as possible. If you run across any problems or have concerns Llewellyn’s Construction is your first choice to resolve any issues with your pond.


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