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What Is An Excavation Company

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What Is An Excavation Company?

Posted on 7/15/19 by Llewellyn's Construction

What Is An Excavation Company

When someone asks what is an excavation company the most simple explanation is that we move soil and rock as well as other various materials and items using heavy duty equipment. Although that may be a simple answer there is nothing simple about what we do. It not only includes dirtwork but often requires expertise in tunneling and trenching as well. Excavation companies utilize large pieces of equipment that make excavation projects look easy because they hire skilled workers to use the tools the way they were designed to be used.

How Does An Excavation Company Work?

It all starts with a vision for the land and if it involves digging, the job will most likely involve an excavation company. They are who you call on for any project that requires the removal of soil, rock, trees, earth, to create an area for another use. An experienced excavation crew can reinvent an area regardless of how challenging the job may seem. Is the area thought to be either an eyesore because of overgrowth, a dilapidated structure sitting on it rotting away or maybe the area seems impossible to do anything with because of the rocky soil that makes digging difficult? These scenarios are what excavating companies excel at because they have the right equipment, the skilled crews and the right training to complete these difficult jobs safely. Completing the job according to the customers plans is the excavating companies focus but safety is the number one priority and safety practices are always followed.

When To Use An Excavation Company

Whether it’s a family building a home or a commercial developer constructing a multiuse complex, development projects require the services of a professional excavation company because they add value and peace of mind to the investor.

Foundations for residential and commercial structures are very important for many reasons but before the foundation is poured the cavity must be dug out and prepared. Excavation companies adhere to site plans in order to ensure that the site is cleared, leveled and after the foundation is poured and cured, comes back to backfill areas around the set foundation.

Clearing an area that has an old structure on it requires the kind of equipment that a professional excavation company has. Bulldozers and dump trucks will come in and level the old structure, tear up the old foundation and then haul the debris away. If another structure is being built on the same lot, the area will be leveled out and dug in preparation of a new foundation.

Roadways that need to be built or need major repairs will involve excavation companies. New roadways will need to be staked out so that paths can be bulldozed, cleared and debris hauled away in dump trucks. Proper drainage will need to be installed so excavators will dig ditches along the new road and the excess dirt and debris will be hauled away. Maybe this new road is for a residential development? Culverts and driveways will need to be installed by a professional excavation company.

Road repairs can include removing old material which will require the companies front end loader and dump truck. Road maintenance may include dredging the ditches along the roadway to improve drainage.

Llewellyn's Construction: Professional Excavation Company

Hiring a professional excavation company is what you as the customer can do to get your project off on the right foot and your best choice is Llewellyn’s Construction. We will get our hands dirty to help you create anything you can imagine so give us a call to get your excavation project started today!


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