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What is Land Clearing?

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What is Land Clearing?

Posted on 10/13/18 by Llewellyn's Construction

What is Land Clearing?

The question of, “What is Land Clearing?”, has become more common due to the need for land clearing being in high demand as population in urban and rural communities continue to rise. A nice sized lot may not show it’s true potential due to dense tree and weed overgrowth. This is one of those moments when someone may be wondering what is land clearing and if it can help their development. Simply put, land clearing consists of the clearing and preparation of a plot of land to be developed. A professional land clearing company can prepare the lot by clearing any overgrowth, tree removal (including stump removal), clearing unwanted rocks or other obstructions and then prepare the site to be developed.

Land clearing creates space for residential and commercial growth. Imagine a family has found a perfect area to build their dream home, but the land is raw and undeveloped. Someone in their situation might ask what is land clearing and how can it help with their residential development. Or perhaps a local business is ready to establish their brand and raises the capital to redevelop a space to make their own. Unfortunately, the building needs to be demolished and the lot space needs professional land clearing to be prepared for redevelopment. This is another one of those moments when someone might ask what is land clearing and how can it help their commercial development.

Commercial or residential, a professional land clearing company is sometimes an unavoidable but worthy investment.

What is Land Clearing’s Importance to Improve Drainage?

Creating the perfect site for one’s business or home starts with proper drainage. Many undeveloped areas may have issues with flash flooding and need more relief than the dry creek beds that have naturally been used for draining. Some already developed areas that have poor drainage need to be improved to decrease the threat of flooding as well. In either circumstance one might ask what is land clearing and how can it help improve their drainage. Land clearing companies specialize in preparing the land with the appropriate runoff and drainage systems that will protect your property from flooding due to improper drainage.

“I’ve watched a few videos about What is Land Clearing, and I’m ready to get to work. I know someone with an excavator so I’m ready to save the $ and do it myself.”

Do it yourselfers are always going to think there is a way to either complete projects on their own or have some friends with access to tools that they believe will get the job done. Many times, the gumption of the Do It Yourselfer gets them through the project, but it’s normally not completed properly. What is land clearing again? That’s not the question you want to ask yourself when developing an area to be used for a family home or the construction of a costly business location. If you’re developing land and think you can clear the land on your own, you must remember to calculate time, cost of tools, ability to adjust to unknown obstacles when clearing the land and many other potential factors. Different locales throughout the state of Texas have different obstructions to deal with when clearing land. Some areas have nothing but limestone that requires heavy duty equipment to cut through in order to develop the envisioned space. Other areas may even be protected by environmental restrictions that specify where, how and if certain land can be prepared for development. Many of the areas we work in have strict compliance for business development that require a professional land clearing contractor to oversee. Llewellyn’s land clearing services ensure that responsible land development includes attention to local regulations as well as standards that are used to comply with native conditions. Call us today to schedule your next professional land clearing service.


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